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Sustainable Supply
Chain Management

Border States Delivers Sustainability & Reliability

While the environment makes up part of our plan for sustainability, we believe it’s a lot more than keeping our planet bright green and blue. It’s about continuous improvement and ensuring we’ll always be there for our customers, manufacturer partners and the communities where we, as employee-owners, live and work.

A Continuous Flow of Materials—No Matter What

Many of our customers provide key pieces of the nation’s infrastructure, and they rely on us for a dependable, uninterruptible source for materials and services. That’s why we have a tested business continuity strategy to always deliver on our promises—even if disaster strikes one of our locations.

And if our customers need supplies or services because of storms or other disasters, we’re prepared with teams of employee-owners who’ve worked in the distribution industry for years. We’ve made sure to keep a large supply of products on hand at all times to be prepared for their emergencies.

Quality Is Part of Everything

As owners of our company, we work safely, train often and measure our performance to minimize operating expenses while improving productivity and performance. It’s another way we not only support our customers’ safety goals, but mitigate liability and risk—and ensure quality, sustainable operations.

We monitor and evaluate our manufacturer partners’ performance to make sure they deliver quality products and exceptional service—because these are what our customers expect from us. They share our commitment to create a sustainable supply chain for our customers.

And we’ve focused on innovative technology for years—not just providing innovative, quality products to our customers—but using them ourselves to prepare our business for continued growth. Our advanced communications, data processing and analysis systems support the growing needs of our customers and manufacturer partners.

Sustainable For Our Planet

We sell energy-efficient products like lighting and controls that minimize our customers’ impact on the environment, and continually work with our customers to provide alternative energy products. But we focus our energy on safe and healthy operations within our company, too.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability means working with manufacturer partners that create products in ways that have minimal effects on our communities. We believe in the basics of reducing, reusing and recycling, and we install the energy-saving products we also provide to our customers in our own facilities. And we value the knowledge of well-respected programs like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)—a number of our lighting and energy management specialists are certified Green Associates through this U.S. Green Building Council program.

Ready For the Future

Our customers have a powerful and resilient ally in their supply chain that focuses on the future. We look forward to combining our knowledge with yours to create sustainable solutions for your business.

Protecting our environment is vital for everyone in our communities. Working for a company that supports employee-owners’ initiatives to reduce our environmental impacts is a great feeling.” Keleigh Pearson, Contract Quality Assurance Manager, Fargo, North Dakota

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