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At Border StatesWe're All About Our Customers


Since 1952, when two entrepreneurs founded Border States to serve the electric utility industry, we’ve grown into a company with approximately 2,600 employees and a branch network in 22 states. Today, we provide products, materials management solutions, and delivery and logistics expertise to tens of thousands of customers across diverse industries including:

We're Employees - but more than that, We're Owners

We’re one of the largest 100 percent employee-owned companies in America. Each of our employee-owners has a real stake in our long-term success. Employee-ownership drives our commitment to delivering total satisfaction—each of us is empowered and expected to act decisively, exceeding our customers’ changing expectations at every turn and with every interaction.

And as employee-owners, we’re committed to the communities where we live and work. We’re involved in community cleanup projects, annual community development campaigns, and coaching and participating in community athletic teams. We’re also members and supporters of community groups, church groups, service groups, youth groups and educational institutions.

In addition, we regularly donate to qualified charitable organizations. Each branch receives funds for local community development campaigns and discretionary funds for other local requests like school activities and community service groups.

We look forward to helping your company streamline its supply chain, reduce expenses, increase efficiency and deliver measurable, bottom-line results.

Aligning with a strong business partner is critical to business success. Our solutions and services—rooted in deep expertise and industry diversity—make us a powerful supply chain partner for businesses across a broad, growing customer base.

  • Our product assortment is always among the broadest available anywhere.
  • Expert and time-tested inventory management and replenishment capabilities reduce our customers’ materials cost, inventory investment and vendor base.
  • Running our own GPS-enabled delivery fleet ensures on-time deliveries, self-unloading capabilities and precise materials placement—even during emergencies.
  • We interact directly with our customers’ back-end inventory systems and transfer information through electronic data interchange (EDI) for precise supply chain management.
  • Our customers talk to a real person when they call us for help—our technical support improves productivity and reliability, lowers total cost, and reduces risk.
  • Our customized training draws upon the full support of our manufacturers to keep our customers’ businesses up-to-speed on the latest products, applications and process solutions
We have delivered innovative products and supply chain solutions for more than 60 years, and the core values from our very beginning have always stayed the same: We make customers our primary focus.” -Tammy Miller, CEO, Fargo, North Dakota